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Drummond degree phony
By Bill Alnor
Delaware County Daily Times 12/14/86

CONCORD - The Rev. Frederick A. Drummond does not have a doctoral degree as he publicly claims, the Sunday Times has learned.

Neither does Drummond, the controversial minister of the Church of Our Saviour in Concordville, have a master's
degree. Nor does he have a bachelor's degree from an accredited university, this newspaper has learned.

Drummond was denied a Ph.D. degree by non-accredited Baptist Christian College in Shreveport, La. when questions arose about his academic credentials and his character, the president of the college said Tuesday.

Drummond enrolled in other theology programs at least twice. He lasted one semester at the San Francisco Baptist Theological Seminary in 1969, failing four of five study courses, according to seminary president Arno Weniger.

In 1971, he enrolled in the Baptist Bible College in Springfield, Mo. He stayed a little more than a year before dropping out.

This history is in direct contrast to Drummond's sermons, which frequently are laced with accounts of his hard struggle in seminary to get his doctor of divinity degree. He refers to himself as "Dr. Drummond" and insists his congregation refer to him by that title.

The preface to The Secret of Human Greatness," Drummond's 135-page book published in 1985 with church offering money, says: "Frederick came to the United States from South Africa in 1968 and moved to Dallas where he began his formal studies. After attending several Bible colleges and seminaries, he graduated from the Sacramento Baptist College and Theological Seminary in 1981 with a Ph.D."

Drummond did not return a Phone call to explain the apparent discrepancy.

According to James Thorpe, president of the Baptist Christian College, the administration denied Drummond a non-accredited Ph.D. degree in education on May 17, 1982, when faculty members raised questions about "his character."

Thorpe said Drummond was listed as a student at the time at the Sacramento Baptist College in Citrus Heights, Calif., an extension of Baptist Christian College.

"Certain faculty members met and decided that they could not proceed with graduation exercises due to his character," said Thorpe in a telephone interview Tuesday.

Thorpe added that when questions emerged about Drummond just prior to the1982 graduation exercises, the administration examined his credentials and discovered they had no evidence that Drummond received a bachelor's or master's degree, he said.

"You can't get a Ph.D. from this institution or any other one I know about without first obtaining a bachelor's degree and a master's degree," said an official from the school registrar's office last week.

A short time later, the Baptist Christian College disassociated itself from the Sacramento branch - the
branch Drummond now claims to have obtained his degree from - because the director of that branch was not supplying accurate academic information about its students to the degree-granting mother college, said Thorpe.

Thorpe said he would not discuss specifics about the alleged "character problems," other than to say the school had been made aware of Drummond's notoriety in the newspapers in Missouri and in Concordville.

Many of the articles detailed how Drummond's first two churches, in Pacifica, Calif. and Springfield, Mo., collapsed in financial ruin.

"Frankly, I think the man has problems," said Thorpe. "Under no circumstances will we grant him a degree now or in the future," he said.

Minister's alma mater folded under fire for false records

The college the Rev. Frederick Drummond claims awarded him his bachelor's and Ph.D. degrees was never accredited and it folded in 1982, education officials told the Sunday Times.

Baptist Christian College of Shreveport, La. terminated its relationship with an extension campus, Sacramento Baptist College of Citrus Heights, Calif., after charges of academic fraud were leveled by the mother school, according to James Thorpe, president of Louisiana institution.

Sacramento Baptist College is the college from which Drummond, a former used car salesman from South Africa, claims to have received a bachelor of arts degree in 1973.

Drummond apparently attended few - if any - classes at the school. From 1971 to the purported graduation date, he lived in Springfield, Mo. where he simultaneously attended classes at another college before dropping out.

In 1973, he spent much of his time founding the Galilean Baptist Church.

Since the Sacramento Baptist College folded in early 1982 Drummond's academic records are not available. And O.C. Harris, the man who ran the Sacramento Baptist College on behalf of the Baptist Christian College in Louisiana, could not be reached for comment.

But Charles Williams of the California Private Postsecondary Education Department in Los Angeles said the college's request to be granted a state exemption from education laws governing Doctor of Divinity and Doctor of Theology degrees was denied in1982 and the school folded shortly thereafter.

Drummond claims to have earned a Ph.D. from the college in 1981. But a former high-ranking member of the church said Drummond did not receive a Ph.D. degree in the mail from the Sacramento Baptist College unti1 1983 or 1984 - at least a year after the institution folded.

Thorpe said Harris was dismissed from the college after the faculty discovered he was not supplying accurate academic records on the students attending the extension school in Sacramento.

Drummond's case was an example, said Thorpe. The Sacramento college placed the controversial pastor on the Louisiana college's list to graduate with a PhD in 1982. But when school officials examined Drummond's academic record it was incomplete. There was no record of a bachelor's or master's degree, Thorpe said.

Harris's whereabouts could not be determined by the Sunday Times.

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